What Causes Imposter Syndrome and How Do You Get Through It?

Imposter syndrome refers to the belief that a person is not as intelligent or successful as they are perceived to be by others. Imposter syndrome often affects people who are very successful or high achievers in their field of work. People who have high levels of internalised imposter feelings may feel that they have cheated … Continue reading What Causes Imposter Syndrome and How Do You Get Through It?

How to Lead a Lifestyle that Supports Your Values

Your values guide your decisions and set the rhythm of your life. They are the reason you do what you do. A lifestyle that supports your values means that you live your authentic version of yourself in all areas of your life, including at work, with your family, and other aspects of your life that are important to you. It leaves you with greater energy, passion, and power. It is a lifestyle that lets you live in the moment because you are going your own way.

How to Accept Yourself Without Losing Yourself in the Process

For many of us, it can be difficult to accept the parts of ourselves that we do not like. We are often at war with ourselves, constantly fighting with the voices in our head. Maybe we struggle with the way we look, maybe we struggle with the way we act, maybe we struggle with the … Continue reading How to Accept Yourself Without Losing Yourself in the Process

How to Live Intentionally

Living with intention means taking conscious actions that are in alignment with your deepest values and passions. It means walking through your world with a firm focus, a clear vision, and an unwavering gaze. It is about consciously choosing your thoughts and behaviours rather than allowing your thoughts and behaviours to be a product of … Continue reading How to Live Intentionally

Igniting your Creativity

Discovering your inner creativity begins with looking inside yourself. It is about understanding your feelings, your emotions, your past experiences, and your patterns of behaviour. As you learn to tune into the voice of self-doubt, silence it and listen to the voice of your inner wisdom, you begin to find your true voice and express yourself as you wish. 

What is Psychosynthesis?

Photo by Jatin Baghel on Pexels.com The term Psychosynthesis refers to a process of psychological and spiritual development that takes place at the conscious and unconscious levels of the human psyche. Psychosynthesis was developed by the Italian psychiatrist, philosopher, and esotericist Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974), who was influenced by the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl … Continue reading What is Psychosynthesis?