Drafting: The Reader Sees / The Writer Sees

Once you have finished the draft of your first essay and you are happy with your work, leave it for a few days and move on to something else. Then, when you come back to it, read through it twice. The first time, imagine that you are a reader who has never seen the essay … Continue reading Drafting: The Reader Sees / The Writer Sees

Prewriting: The Three Questions

Academic essays at university level arenʼt just a form of assessment. Academic essay writing is part of the learning process itself, and the research that you will undertake is a part of your intellectual growth. You are not expected to simply summarize the ideas that you have learned in your module. Instead, you are expected … Continue reading Prewriting: The Three Questions

The Sources at Your Disposal

PRINT SOURCES BOOKS In the contemporary study of language and literature, single-author books customarily run to around 250 pages because that is generally just about the length needed for a highly sophisticated, yet tightly focused argument based upon the conventions of argumentation in these fields. It is likely that a great deal of your research … Continue reading The Sources at Your Disposal

Advice for New Students of English Literature

Read Widely Perhaps the most important advice for English literature students is to read widely.  While you will certainly be doing a great deal of reading for each of your modules, don’t forget about your own personal reading interests.  Periodicals such as The New Yorker, The Times Literary Supplement, The Atlantic Monthly, and Monocle are … Continue reading Advice for New Students of English Literature

Recommended Reading for New English Literature Students

Booth, Wayne C., Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, The Craft of Research, Third Edition (London: Chicago UP, 2008). This celebrated guide offers an extraordinarily lucid account of how the writing and research process works. Cameron, Julia, The Artist’s Way (New York: Penguin, 1992). Julia Cameron’s famous book is designed to help develop creative awareness. … Continue reading Recommended Reading for New English Literature Students