Research Workflow for Academics: The Best of Digital and Analogue Working Together

  In his presentation at the 'Humanities Computing: Formal Methods, Experimental Practice' symposium at King's College London in 2000, John Unsworth described the seven 'scholarly primitives', that is, the 'basic functions common to scholarly activity across disciplines, over time, and independent of theoretical orientation': Discovering Annotating Comparing Referring Sampling Illustrating Representing A similar taxonomy was described … Continue reading Research Workflow for Academics: The Best of Digital and Analogue Working Together

Refining Technique in Academic Writing

  I wrote briefly last week about the importance of technique in academic writing.   Academic writing is, above all else, a specialised form of communication, which remains true whether we are teaching essay writing to first year students or working on a journal article addressing our research. Articles, essays, theses, and dissertations are all … Continue reading Refining Technique in Academic Writing

‘Technique’ and Academic Writing

Practitioners of the fine and performing arts are well acquainted with the notion of ‘technique’. One hears ‘technique’ spoken of regularly by commentators, adjudicators, and reviewers of the arts, who use term to characterise the success or failure of an artistic undertaking. The study of technique forms the core of advanced training in many disciplines, … Continue reading ‘Technique’ and Academic Writing

Tighening Up Some Flabby Prose

With all of this semester's exam scripts marked and off my desk, I have finally begun to read the books that have been piling up in my Kindle over the past semester.  (On second thought, can eBooks 'pile up'?  Surely we need a new metaphor in the digital age.)  One that I have particularly enjoyed … Continue reading Tighening Up Some Flabby Prose

Location Numbers in Research?

Following a blog post last week on using Kindle in teaching, I asked: "do you think location numbers (rather than page numbers) are an adequate form of citation?" I received many responses... [View the story "Location Numbers in Research?" on Storify]     Have you entered to win 12 months of Evernote Premium?  Share your … Continue reading Location Numbers in Research?