Taming Your Stream of Consciousness

The early American psychologist William James used the term 'stream of consciousness' to refer to the spontaneous flow of thoughts, images, sensations, and emotions that constantly assail us throughout the day. It is a kind of inner monologue--the chatter and twittering of the mind. Most of the time we are not really aware of our … Continue reading Taming Your Stream of Consciousness

How to Lead a Lifestyle that Supports Your Values

Your values guide your decisions and set the rhythm of your life. They are the reason you do what you do. A lifestyle that supports your values means that you live your authentic version of yourself in all areas of your life, including at work, with your family, and other aspects of your life that are important to you. It leaves you with greater energy, passion, and power. It is a lifestyle that lets you live in the moment because you are going your own way.

Finding Time for Meditation: How to Meditate Amid a Busy Life

Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to switch off from the stressors of your life and take the time to meditate. But when when we take the time to meditate, when we become more self-aware and learn to observe ourselves and our reactions, we will find that we often find time for the things we need to do.

How to Live Intentionally

Living with intention means taking conscious actions that are in alignment with your deepest values and passions. It means walking through your world with a firm focus, a clear vision, and an unwavering gaze. It is about consciously choosing your thoughts and behaviours rather than allowing your thoughts and behaviours to be a product of … Continue reading How to Live Intentionally