15 Flags: How I Create Habits for Writing

I am constantly searching for ways to better integrate my digital life into the world of paper, pens, and printed materials that I still love (here, here, and here).  Although there are countless apps available to help create and track new habits–many of which gamify the traditional 21-days rule of habit formation with some very fun results–I have found the best way for me to track my habits is with a stack of sticky flags and my Moleskine.



Fifteen flags fit perfectly down the edge of a standard large Moleskine, and for several months I have tracked habits by removing one flag every day. In an effort to more regularly get my 5-a-day (and to make better use of my Vitamix which had collected dust), I have most recently been using the flags to help me to remember to start every morning with a green smoothie.  It’s a simple analogue way to remind me to keep up the habits that make me more productive.

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