Tutorial: Getting Kindle into Evernote

Now that Kindles outnumber hard copies by a margin of nearly 2-1 in my classes,  I have decided that the time really has come to think about ways to integrate Kindle into my teaching and research workflow.

In order to make this work, I needed a good way to get Kindle highlights and notes into Evernote, my note-taking software of choice.  Because there is currently no way to directly link Kindle and Evernote, I set out to find a way to push Kindle content into Evernote with minimal effort.  After a weekend of experimentation with unnecessarily complex workarounds, I found an elegant and simple solution:

  1. Login to your Kindle at https://kindle.amazon.com/ and click on ‘Your Highlights’
  2. Use the Evernote Web Clipper (free: Firefox) to ‘Clip Article’ (this will select only the book notes/highlights for clipping, and not the full webpage).  Relevant metadata can be added at this stage.
  3. Both the notes and the highlights from your Kindle will now be in Evernote, beautifully organized and fully searchable.  The best part is that clicking on any of the ‘Read more at location…’ links will open that passage in your desktop Kindle app for further review.

How are you integrating your Kindle into your teaching or research workflow?  What other workarounds have you come up with for making the best use of e-readers?

11 thoughts on “Tutorial: Getting Kindle into Evernote

  1. I had the same goal. However, I wanted each note in kindle as a separate note in Evernote. I found a program online (Klippings, not to be confused with Klippings Kollector) that did almost everything I needed but had tons of bugs and needed some extra features. Fortunately, the code was open source so I was able to make some singificant upgrades and have packaged it into a Windows installer (OSX and Linux not yet available).

    You can read the thread here:


  2. Hello Allan,

    I have totally gone through your article and found it very useful and informative. Thank you for sharing such awesome information with everyone. I also use Kindle and Ever note for my study purpose. I use Kindle’s app the most because that’s where I buy e-copies of my textbooks that are available. Using the e-reader apps such as Kindle means I’m not going to have a stack of books to store at the end of this graduate knowledge. I think it’s a great way for paperless journey.

    I am also working to make the best use of e-readers. Sometime kindle users face problem to access their highlights and notes. There’s an iOS app being released in November of 2013, Snippefy http://www.snippefy.com. I hope that the app lets users read and share their Kindle highlights and notes more easily.

    It’ll change how Kindle users work together and access their highlights and notes for the better. I just thought of spreading the resource with you and your community. I think they’ll find it useful and informative, as well as you I hope.

    Thank you,

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